Pictures that speak my mind.



these clouds won’t leave.

hot chai has taken over my life.

get over it. lady gaga isn’t music.



this is how my fall’s been feeling so far…

emo love.

emo love makes me melt

it makes me wanna be in “emo love” (:

but the girls are sometimes slutty, so I don’t wanna be emo.

not that i’d be able to pull it off anyway…

it’s just that the guys are kinda hot

minus the guyliner, gages, and other piercings.

and i don’t think i’d be able to bring him home to my parents.

i just like that the guys look like they could be in my favoirte band.

but that girls dress is way too short!

so for now i’ll stay the preppy girl who goes for the football players

but i’ll always think its adorable 😀