Pictures that speak my mind.


just had a nutella sandwich. if this place exists…im going!

i walk by you every day and still get butterflies but i wont talk to you or even look you in the eyes. i just want you to know that i think about you every day. i miss you. i still love you.


i wish i still knew you. i wish you never changed. im trying to get to know you again but its hard. on facebook your the same person but in person i cant talk to you. you’ve changed and it scares me.

i was such a bitch. i was such a slut. i was grosss and mean. i hate that person.


i wish you’d come back. i wish you never left. i wish i got to say goodbye. i wish we still talked. i wish i had the guts to text you. i wish i could see you again. i wish you never left my life with little chance of returning. come back. i need you.


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