Pictures that speak my mind.

its life.

i wanna know what love feels like.

i wanna have a boyfriend.

i hate being the girl who’s never had a boyfriend.


this picture shows that everyone has a story. 



i feel like this all the time..

doesn’t everyone need that???

Linds, if you read this, I dont know what I’d do without you (:

i don’t wanna let go of the memories.


its true..


i miss dreaming about my wedding day and being positive it would happen.


he’ll never know because i wouldn’t want him to feel guilty.


this is what sucks about falling in love with a friend..


this one made me laugh 😀

yeah..that’s how i feel.

i hope my dream will come true.


i don’t get why i always feel alone.

it’s a love hate thing.

i always wanna write stuff like this is the girls bathroom.


i love this quote!

favorite phrase from favorite song…

“I miss the lips that made me fly”

me too, mayday parade, me too.

this tends to happen..

why else would i read…?

they really do


i wanna be in a nicholas sparks novel ❤


i miss not having problems..


i miss her.


and it kills me.


i have a fear of depending on dating sites for a date.

and being alone all my life.



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