Pictures that speak my mind.


So, my mom always says that i like the “rough look” when it comes to guys. Here’s some celebs that I love. A bunch of hot guys and lauren conrad. Yeah lauren conrad’s in this post tooo! From this, maybe my mom’s right.

thats right, i have a moderate case of bieber fever!

i wanna be his “favorite girl”

hottest guy on tv…CHASE CRAWFORD ❤

those eyes kill me 😀

i would die to look like lauren conrad!

i miss N’SYNC

i’ve been in love with ryan sheckler ever since life of ryan on MTV!

i want him as my boyfriend.

i wanna stare into his huge blue eyes (:

even if he wasn’t edward cullen i’d think he’s a cutie

the blue eyes!

i think he’s just a model but DAYUMMMM

oh channing..

and now the hottest of the hot!

the man i’ve loved ever since i was 5….

dale earnhardt jr in wrangler jeans makes me melt!

he’s such a cutie (:



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